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Gender Materials & Tools

The Gender and Media Handbook: Promoting Equality, Diversity and Empowerment
This handbook was published within the framework of the project "Gender,Conflict and the Media: Working Toward Egalitarianism and Peace" funded by USAID and UNDP adn executed by UNOPS. Click here to downlaod booklet

BRIDGE, Cutting Edge Packs
Cutting Edge Packs provide accessible overviews of the latest thinking of gender themes and summeries of the most usefull ressources. The pack covers Gender and Trade, Gender and Sexuality, Gender and Citizinship among other themes. Available in English and French

ILO Gender, Poverty and Employment Modular Package (GPE programme)
The modular package on Gender, Poverty and Employment is the basic tool of the capacity-building programme (GPE programme) for raisning awareness, trainign and facilitating consultation and social dialogue among national constituents. Module is avilable in English and Arabic.

Series of ECWR A-B Law
The series of booklets was prepared by the Egyptian Centre for Women Rights(ECWR) lawyers along with other jurists. The series covers women's legal rights and duties in the family Code (marriage, divorce, alimony, khul and custody). The series is avialble in English and Arabic

Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regionla Directory of Business Women's Associations
The directory is a first attempt to collect data on business women associations in the MENA region. It was compiled by the IFC, Gender Entrepreneurs Markets program (GEM) and PEP-MENA.
Dowload directory

Knowing Our Rights: Womne, Family, Laws and Customs in the Muslim World-3d Edition
This third edition and completly revised version of the handbook is an essential ressource for those taking a critical and questioning approach to rights, laws and constructionsof womnehood in Muslim countires and communities and beyond. Read more

"Mission Possible": A gender and Media Advocacy Tool
A concise and practicle tool kit for activitsts and organoizations invovled in advocacy and gender awareness. The toolkit is prrepasred by the Global Media Monitoirng Project. It explains what is gender and Media advocacy, who makes the news, target audience and how to build gender and media campagins. Available in English and French.



Last updated: October 10, 2007
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